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Who we are.

Paymentsense is Europe's leading merchant service provider. Established in 2010, we've grown from a small two-person enterprise into a multi-award-winning company and 2x winner of the UKTI Growth Business of the Year Award.

Our mission is to support small businesses by helping them meet the growing demand to accept card payments. With our wide range of card payment solutions – from Card Machines to online Payment Gateways and Virtual Terminals – we provide merchant services for over 50,000 small and medium businesses around the UK.

By using the buying power of many, we can act as one giant merchant and negotiate the lowest card processing fees on behalf of our customers. So whether retail, hospitality, transport or tradesperson - online, offline or over the phone - we can help you to take card payments simply, quickly and affordably.

The eureka moment.

For Paymentsense, it all started on a bench in Las Vegas.

Two friends, George Karibian (left) and Jan Farrarons (right), had a moment of clarity outside of the Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas in 2009, in a discussion over card machine payments.

They realised that the card payment processing industry was broken, and was in desperate need of fixing.

The growing use of credit and debit cards meant that small businesses were in desperate need of a secure, affordable card payment solution; a need currently being ignored by the banks in their race to supply big stores. So despite it being easier than ever to start a business, it was harder than ever to maintain due to crippling card machine fees and expensive merchant services made for large retail chains and big businesses.

It was clear to them what the world needed: a card payments provider powered by small business, for small business.

Why we're different.

Regardless of the accolades, awards and fast-growing customer base, we're still asked the question: what sets us apart? And why should I come to you for my card payment processing? Here's our answer.

The power of many

Our founders George and Jan quickly realised that the key to low rates was in the power of many. The more businesses on board, the better the rates they could negotiate with the acquiring bank. In effect, Paymentsense could use the buying power of thousands of businesses to improve the rates and bring prices down to support small businesses.

In other words, we're a merchant service provider that's powered by small businesses, for small businesses.

Superfast setup

Fast turnaround times are a key requirement in business, and the same is true with card machines. As our team has grown, so has our ability to streamline processes and get our terminals in the hands of merchants in as little as three days. We can also have payment gateways for eCommerce businesses up and running in just 24 hours.

24/7 support

With offices in multiple locations we're able to give new and existing customers around-the-clock support with all kinds of payment-related queries. Our award-winning support is one of our proudest achievements that sets us apart from other providers.

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