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Automated Till Roll Replacement

Keep your card payments rolling,
no matter what.

With Automated Till Roll Replacement you’ll never
run out of receipts again, meaning you can keep
card payments coming all day and night.

Call 0800 090 3571 for a quote. Offer ends Sep 29.
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Never run out.

Our automated till roll replacement ensures you never run out of receipts.

The issue

Taking card payments with our countertop, portable or mobile card machines is quick and easy. But running out of till roll for your card terminal can ruin the experience for your customers. Without proof of payment, there may be doubts about whether the payment has been processed, leading to disgruntled customers and a difficult end-of-day reconciliation.

The fix

With automated till roll replacement, you’ll never have to worry about running out of receipts. Our intelligent card machines detect when you’re low on till roll and make an order for delivery before you run out. The best part? You get an unlimited supply of till rolls so you don’t get caught short, even at the busiest time of year. Interested? Here’s how it works:

Paymentsense Card Machine Till Rolls


Give us a call or complete our online form to speak to a member of our team and get a free card machine quote.

Paymentsense Card Machine Till Rolls


Once you’ve chosen your card machine, payment gateway or virtual terminal, add automated till rolls to your merchant account.

Paymentsense Card Machine Till Rolls


Get two boxes of 20 till rolls delivered automatically each time you’re low on till rolls — without lifting a finger.

Benefits of our auto roll replacement.

Our Automated Till Roll Replacement service gives you peace of mind at the busiest of times.

Box of till rolls

Stock up

Each delivery contains two boxes of 20 till rolls to keep you going.

Unlimited refills

No limit on the number of deliveries you can have per month.

Easy replacement

Till rolls are easy to replace — just pop them in and start rolling.

Customised rolls

Customise your receipts with a brand logo or special message.

“With most competitive pricing, 24/7 support and automatic till roll replacement, Paymentsense have certainly started the contract in blazing style!”


This way for auto roll

Never run out of card machine roll again with automatic replacements

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or call us FREE on: 0808 274 3307

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Find answers to questions on Automated Till Roll Replacement.

How do I get automated till roll replacement?

Get in touch with our friendly team on the number above or via our quote form. During your free quote, let your dedicated account manager know that you’re interested in automated till roll replacement and they’ll happily set it up for you. This way you never have to worry about running out, being overcharged or overstocked now that your card machine is doing all the calculations for you.

How many till rolls will I receive?

Whenever you start to run low on till rolls, your card machine will automatically send an order to our back office. We will then dispatch two boxes of 20 till rolls, making it 40 till rolls per delivery. When your card terminal comes to the end of these two boxes, it will make an order for another 40 till rolls.

What if I need more than two boxes a month?

While you’ll be billed monthly for this service, you aren’t limited to two boxes per month. With Automated Till Roll Replacement you benefit from an unlimited supply of till rolls from the day you sign up, so no matter how busy things get, your terminal will keep up with demand.

Can I customise my till rolls?

Yes. You can customise your till rolls with your business name or a special message for your customers. You might even want to redirect them to your website to give feedback on their experience. Just ask your dedicated account manager during your free quote and they’ll happily set this up for you.