Christmas Shops: improve your turnover

There are selections of shops that open up at Christmas that are only open for a short period of time. If you run one of these stores or you’re planning to open one, then it is important you are aware that accepting card payments can drastically improve your sales.

Can I set up card payments before Christmas?

The answer is ‘yes’, if you get the right payment processing company you can be accepting card payments in no time at all.  It can take a little as five working days to get it all up and running, but you should be aware that some independent payment processors can take as long as two weeks.

What about the merchant fees?

Well, the merchant fees are inevitable, but they are nothing when you compare them against the increase in business this Christmas.  With so many people spending money on their debit cards, impulse buyers are going to want to use card machines to pay for their goods and services.  If your customers need to go to the cash machine in order to purchase goods from you then they are more likely to change their minds or perhaps shop elsewhere.