Crystal Maze sales incentive update

The Crystal Maze sales incentive has now been running for a couple of weeks.

Every day saw the three teams with the greatest number of Docs-In entering the dome and working hard to gather the most golden tickets.

Chintan’s inbound team won the dome challenge the first week and Abi’s the following week.

Both teams were rewarded for their efforts – and enjoyed the adulation and praise that was heaped upon them by their fellow Maze-mates.

But the best has yet to come! Tomorrow sees the start of the second part of this mad incentive with games taking place within the Aztec zone:

Feed The Gods
Crystal Temple
Mystery Game

The winner of each game will be given a crystal. At the end of each week over the next month, the four crystal holders will go head-to-head in the dome.
Who will crumble in the face of such epic challenges?

Who will rise to the occasion like a proud warrior and do what it takes to satisfy the gods? Find out over the next few weeks.