Increase the profits from your burger van

Your business might not seem the most obvious business to accept card payments, but if you own a burger van that sells fast food and drinks you will soon see the benefits of accepting payments by card.

Why card payments for my business?

If you think of all the high street fast food outlets, you will notice that they all accept card payments. Whilst your business may deal predominantly in cash at the moment, if you offer payment by card as an option then you are likely to see your orders increase.

Depending on where you are located, you may also secure larger orders from local businesses if you accept card payments. By accepting cards you make it easier for larger group payments so the individuals can sort the finer details out at a later date.

People prefer to pay by card

Card payments are the preferred payment method. Studies prove that payments by card have risen by four times over the last ten years; this is twice as much as overall spending!

One of the main advantages of accepting card payments is that customers don’t need cash to buy their goods or services. A debit card gives consumers quick access to funds, whilst a credit card allows consumers to access wider funds and then pay it back when it suits.

Don’t I have to plug in a terminal?

If you run a mobile business you require a mobile terminal opposed to a static terminal. These terminals work in the same way as a mobile phone and will operate anywhere that you get a mobile signal. They work on a broadband connection which allows you to take payments quickly and easily. Once a transaction is made this will transfer directly to your business bank account.