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Accept Android Pay with our card machines

Discover the benefits of accepting
Android Pay with our card machines.

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Understanding Android Pay.

Android Pay-enabled card machines offer your customers a smoother, faster payment experience.

Paymentsense Android Pay

What is Android Pay?

Android Pay is a mobile payment system that lets customers pay for goods using an Android device like a mobile phone or tablet. By adding their card details to their Android device, customers can use it to pay in-store for a swifter, smoother and more secure payment experience.

Why is it important?

You might be thinking that this sounds like another gadget fad that will soon disappear, but just as the use of Contactless cards has skyrocketed since its introduction in 2007, Android Pay is expected to do the same. The reason? Speed of payment is vastly improved, meaning merchants can serve more customers in a shorter time period, and without the need to pull out their purse or wallet, the customer enjoys a smoother in-store experience.

Widely used, widely supported

Visa, MasterCard and American Express have all come on board with Android Pay, and participating banks include:

Millions of people in the UK already carry Android Pay-enabled devices, making this one card payment solution your business can’t afford to ignore.

The best news? All of our card machines come with Contactless, Apple Pay and Android Pay as standard.


Android Pay Security

There are a number of security measures in place to protect both customers and merchants.

Transaction limit: Currently, the Android Pay transaction limit is £30 — the same as Contactless payments. This speeds up smaller payments but prevents high value unauthorised purchases.

Virtual Account Number: Customer card details are replaced with a unique Android Pay Virtual Account Number, which is sent to the merchant’s terminal to complete payment.

Remote locking: Android Device Manager allows users to remotely lock their device if it’s misplaced or stolen. This protects merchants from accepting fraudulent payments and potentially incurring a Chargeback fee.

Accept Android Pay for your business

All of our card machines accept Android Pay as standard from all compatible Android devices. There is no extra charge to accept Android Pay and there is no fee applied to customers.

Quick and simple transactions

Smoother serving experience

Enjoyable customer experience

Improved security for all

More ways to take card payments

No additional fee

A brave new wireless world.

Our selection of card machines come with Contactless, Apple Pay and Android Pay as standard.

card machine

Accept cards quickly and easily from your sales desk or till.

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The handy way to bring card payments to your customers.

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Experience the freedom to take payments on the move.

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Android Pay, one clicktap away

Boost your business by taking Android Pay, at no extra cost

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Find answers to all your Android Pay-related questions.

How do I set up Android Pay?

To accept Android Pay for your business, all you need is one of our card machines. Each one comes with Contactless, Apple Pay and Android Pay as standard. If customers want to pay with Android Pay, all they need to do is register their card details to their Android phone and follow the instructions.

Do I need to pay more to accept Android Pay?

There is no extra charge to accept Android Pay and there is no fee applied to customers. Contactless, Apple Pay and Android pay come as standard with our countertop, portable and mobile card machines.

Does Android Pay work with all bank cards?

Customers can use both credit and debit cards with Android Pay. All Visa, MasterCard and American Express cards can be used with Android Pay and they do not have to be Contactless. At the moment, corporate cards are not supported by Android Pay but customers can load multiple credit and debit cards into their Apple Wallet.

How do I let customers know I offer Android Pay?

You can promote the fact that you accept Android Pay by downloading the Android Pay mark for your terminal screen or order Android Pay decal for your shopfront window and register. Letting your customers know that you’re set up to accept Android Pay can encourage them to spend more and can improve their experience for a higher return rate.

How do I process returns with Android Pay?

Processing the returns with Android Pay is easy. Use the customer’s Device Account Number to find the purchase on your terminal and process the return like you would with a regular Contactless payment.

Is there a spending limit?

Our Ingenico card terminals are configured to allow transactions of any amount with Android Pay devices. This means your customers can spend virtually any amount in-store, making it suitable for all kinds of businesses.