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A billion reasons to go Contactless.

Paymentsense Contactless Card Machines

Why Contactless?

In recent years, new payment technology like Contactless card payments have revolutionised the retail experience. Since Contactless payments were introduced in 2007, the number of Contactless cards in the hands of consumers has greatly increased. Last year alone, over £1 billion was spent in the UK through Contactless payments. Not bad when you consider that each transaction is limited to £30 (previously £20).

This is evidence that customers are keen on the quickness and convenience of Contactless payments.

How does it work?

Contactless debit and credit cards use short-range wireless technology which sends information to the Contactless reader in the card machine. This is the same contactless technology used by Apple Pay & Android Pay devices.

The transaction limit (currently £30) increases security for customers, while the speed of payment helps shorten queues so customers aren’t kept waiting. Many businesses like shops, cafés and small restaurants that sell low-cost items receive more sales due to the quick turnaround of their Contactless card machine.

How do I accept Contactless payments?

All of our card machines accept Contactless, Apple Pay and Android Pay as standard. Straight out the box, your Contactless reader is ready to connect with any of the 90 million Contactless-enabled cards in issue.


With Contactless, merchants can enjoy:

Quick and simple transactions

Smoother serving experience

Enjoyable customer experience

Improved security for all

More ways to take card payments

No additional fee or expense

A new wireless world.

Our selection of card machines come with Contactless, Apple Pay and Android Pay as standard.

card machine

Accept cards quickly and easily from your sales desk or till.

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The handy way to bring card payments to your customers.

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Experience the freedom to take payments on the move.

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Boost your business by taking Contactless payments, at no extra cost

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or call us FREE on: 0808 274 3307


Find answers to all of your Contactless-related questions.

How do Contactless payments work?

Our card machines use Radio-frequency Identification (RFID) and Near Field Communication (NFC) to receive payment data from the chip in the Contactless card. This allows customers to pay securely with a quick tap of their card onto the Contactless reader. There’s no PIN number to enter, making it far quicker than a regular card payment.

How do I set up Contactless payments?

Our card machines are compatible with all participating payment cards (VISA, Mastercard, American Express) featuring the Contactless logo. There’s no setup required – all of our terminals will accept Contactless payment straight out of the box.

Are Contactless payments secure?

Every Contactless card contains a highly secure chip that helps to safeguard card details and protect both you and your customers from fraud. The chip ensures that the payment is a one-time transaction, making Contactless more secure than chip & PIN.

How will customers know that I accept Contactless payments?

Customers are drawn to businesses that accept Contactless payments, so it’s important to advertise this service. We provide a Contactless window sticker with every card machine so you can advertise it in your shop window or sales desk.

Is there a limit to how much customers can spend?

Currently, the default Contactless limit is £30 per transaction. However the limit can be increased by up to £500 just by contacting the bank. The default limit makes Contactless particularly great for businesses where the average spend is £30 or lower, such as corner shops, cafes, smaller retailers and even some restaurants.

Does Contactless come at a cost?

Contactless technology comes as standard with all of our card machines so we don’t charge for it. There’s no extra cost to your business or your customers for using Contactless.