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3 day set-up time

No one gets you started faster.

Get started in days, not weeks

No other provider makes it quicker and easier to start taking card payments.

  • 3 day card machine set-up
  • 24 hour web payment set-up
  • Simple sign up process

40% average saving

We offer you the lowest rates.

Big savings for small businesses

We offer you some of the lowest credit and debit card rates on the market.

  • Low rates guaranteed
  • Capped card fees
  • No set-up charges

24/7 UK support

Call us any time day or night.

Friendly support when you need it

You can call our customer support team for help and advice any time day or night.

  • UK-based call centre
  • No waiting on hold
  • Real people, not robots

Tap into contactless payments today

The quickest and easiest way to let customers pay by card.

Go Contactless

Why go contactless

More than £1bn was spent on contactless cards in the UK in 2015...

Contactless payment technology has helped to revolutionise the retail experience in the UK over the last few years.

Not only is the method safe and secure from the viewpoint of the consumer, but it is also much more convenient for you as a business owner as it can help to shorten queues and ensuring that customers do not have to carry excessive amounts of cash around with them.

Research shows that customers prefer to pay by contactless than regular chip and PIN because of its speed and simplicity.

It’s expected that all UK retailers could be required by VISA to offer contactless in their stores within the next five years, but why wait to cash in on the latest payment trend when we can have you ready to accept contactless in no time?


Get in touch with our team if you have any other questions or queries.

How do contactless payments work?

A chip inside contactless cards is read by the card machine allowing customers to pay quickly and securely with a quick tap of their card. Customers don’t have to enter their PIN number during the process so it’s far quicker than a regular card payment.

How do I set up contactless payments?

The contactless technology is built into our card machines and works with all participating cards which feature the contactless logo. Only our contactless card machines can accept these payments. There is no set up required, all terminals will accept contactless payment straight out of the box.

Are contactless payments secure?

Every contactless card contains a highly secure chip that helps to safeguard card details and protect both you and your customers from fraud.

The chip ensure that the payment is a one-time only transaction and makes a contactless payment just as secure as a regular chip & PIN payment.

How can I show that I take contactless payments?

Customers are drawn to businesses that accept contactless payments, so it’s important to advertise this service. That’s why we provide a contactless window sticker with every terminal so you can display this to customers in your shop window or on the counter.

Is there a limit to how much customers can spend?

At the moment, the current contactless limit per transaction is £30. This makes contactless particularly great for businesses where the average spend is £30 or lower such as corner shops, cafes, smaller retailers and even some restaurants.

Does contactless cost more?

Contactless technology comes as standard with all of our card machines and we don’t charge extra for it. There’s no extra cost to your business or your customers for paying by contactless card either.

Take contactless payments anywhere.

Order a contactless card machine for your business today.

Go contactless today