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Guaranteed Savings Terms and Conditions

  • “Savings Guarantee Offer” only takes the following costs into consideration: debit rate, credit rate, terminal hire fee, PCI management fee, PCI non-compliance fees, MMSC and auth fee
  • £500 will be issued to the merchant if the merchant’s card processing costs with Paymentsense are proven to be higher than the merchant’s previous supplier over a three month period
  • Paymentsense costs are based on the first three months statements after the merchant’s first transaction date
  • Previous providers costs are based on three consecutive months statements within the last six months prior to switching to Paymentsense
  • Statements provided must show the following: debit card turnover, credit card turnover, corporate card turnover, non-qual turnover, card processing rates, terminal rental fee, authorisation fee, non-qual fee, refund fee, monthly service fee, PCI management and non-compliance fees, chargeback fee and any other associated cost deemed required by Paymentsense
  • “Savings Guarantee Offer” only available to new Paymentsense customers
  • “Savings Guarantee Offer” can only be redeemed via the merchant requesting a “Savings Guarantee Review” from Paymentsense
  • To request a “Saving Guarantee Review” merchants must email savingsguarantee@paymentsense.com
  • “Savings Guarantee Review” can only be requested once a merchant meets all the below criteria:
    • Has processed a minimum of one successful transaction
    • Has been an “active’ Paymentsense customer for a minimum of three months
    • Account being reviewed is processing transactions via a physical terminal
  • All “Savings Guarantee Review” requests must include the following information:
    • Merchant Identification Number (MID)
    • Offer Code
    • Three consecutive months of statements from previous card processing supplier
    • Contact Name
    • Contact Phone Number
  • Merchant must submit all required documents for “Savings Guarantee Review” within 180 days of first transaction date
  • Any “Savings Guarantee Review” submitted without all of the above details will be deemed as incomplete and will result in non-payment of the £500
  • Average monthly turnover from previous supplier’s statements must equal to no less than average monthly turnover with Paymentsense
  • Average transaction value from previous supplier’s statements must be less than £200
  • If the outcome of the “Savings Guarantee Review” is in favour of the merchant, Paymentsense may opt to perform a rate review
  • Merchants who switch but are subsequently declined are not eligible
  • Payments will be processed via BACs transfer into bank account on file with Paymentsense and is paid as soon as deemed feasible by Paymentsense
  • “Savings Guarantee Offer” can only be claimed once per merchant
  • Paymentsense reserves the right to withhold or refuse payment where there is suspicion of a fraudulent claim
  • The decision of Paymentsense is final and no dispute will be entered into
  • Offer ends November 30th, 2016. Any requests which are not approved by this date will not be paid.
  • Paymentsense reserves the right to modify the Terms and Conditions or to terminate this offer at any point without prior notice.