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Payment gateway

Accept online payments simply and securely

Call us today, take cards tomorrow. It really is that simple with our award-winning merchant services.

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Discover a world of benefits.

Security, insight and extra support — the building blocks of a strong business.

Paymentsense Payment Gateway

Extra payment protection

Our online payment systems use the latest fraud detection and security checks to protect your customers and safeguard against downtime.

  • Tier 1 PCI DSS compliant (highest level)
  • Visa/Mastercard SecureCode (3DSecure)
  • CSC, CV2 + AVS real-time security checks
  • Direct API or hosted intergration options
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Full technical support 24/7

Access our online card payments portal on any computer, laptop or tablet so that your sales figures are always to hand.

  • Around-the-clock telephone support
  • Technical assistance by email
  • Access to our online help resource
  • Detailed resources in our Developer Zone
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Online card payments reports

Whether you’re an eCommerce expert or a techie in training, our friendly team of expert agents are always here to support you.

  • Monitor and manage all your transactions online
  • Get weekly reports on your online transactions
  • Download transaction reports in multiple formats
  • Unlimited user access, perfect for a growing business

Choose a price plan to suit your business.

Get 12 months for the price of 10 with our annual packages.


£12.45/ month
(£14.95 / month)

You save: £29.90*

Process up to £250k/year


£8.30/ month
(£9.95 / month)

You save: £19.50*

Process up to £50k/year


£16.60/ month
(£19.95 / month)

You save: £39.90*

Process up to £1.2M/year

All packages include:

Payment Gateway
  • Payment gateway
  • Fraud screening
  • Secure Pay Now button
Merchant Account
  • Merchant account
  • No fixed contract
  • Online reporting tools
  • eInvoice
  • 40+ carts
  • Pay by email

*All pricings and savings based on customer signing up for annual price plans.

30+ carts and counting

Integrate your ecommerce business with one of our many leading shopping carts

  • WooCommerce
  • WP eCommerce
  • Shopify
  • Magento
  • PrestaShop
  • Drupal
  • Joomla!
  • Zen Cart

You’re good to go

Start taking payments online with our Payment Gateway

Call us FREE: 0808 274 3307
or call us FREE on: 0808 274 3307

Understanding payment gateways

Unlock eCommerce success with an understanding of the secure payment gateway.

What is a payment gateway?

A payment gateway is essentially an online version of a card machine and acts as a link between your website and your merchant account. It is a secure webpage that allows customers to pay for goods or services in a fast and efficient manner. Our payment gateway allows your business to accept card payments online securely and efficiently and in order to use it you must have a website. Our trusted systems are the most reliable in the industry, with a record of 100% uptime. We offer our gateway services at the lowest cost in the UK so pick a plan and we can set you up to start selling online within 24 hours.

How does an online payment gateway work?

When a customer wants to buy a product or a service online directly from your website, they usually have to click on a “checkout” or “buy now” button. At that point of purchase, the customer is asked to enter their card details. Our payment gateway sends these details to Paymentsense via an encrypted connection for security checks. From there, they are sent to the customer’s bank, which confirms whether or not there are sufficient funds to proceed with the transaction. That confirmation is then sent to the payment processor before reaching your site to either approve or deny payment. Once the payment is approved, the customer will receive a confirmation email or view a thank you page depending on the configuration of your website. It might sound like a long, complicated process but it’s all done in a matter of seconds. For e-commerce transactions, customers themselves enter their details online to process payment. For over the phone transactions, customers give you their details over the phone and you process the payment via your Merchant Management System (MMS - virtual terminal).

Can I set up the payment gateway myself?

In order to set up the payment gateway, you will need to contact your developer or webmaster. By following a simple set of instructions they will be able to integrate it and get the online payments up and running. Our friendly team of tech specialists will be available to answer any technical questions during the integration process.

Will the payment gateway integrate with my online shopping cart?

Yes. At Paymentsense, we provide readymade plug-ins that can integrate with your cart with ease. Our most popular online payment gateway integrations include WooCommerce & WP e-Commerce for Wordpress, Shopify, Magento, Drupal, Joomla, Zencart, Prestashop and OpenCart. We currently support over 30 of the most popular e-commerce shopping carts keeping up with the latest updates. However, If your cart isn’t compatible with our plug-ins, we also offer hosted and direct code packs. For hosted code packs, customers are redirected at checkout to a Paymentsense-hosted page. There they can finalise their payment before being returned to your site to receive their order confirmation. For direct code packs, customers enter their details directly onto your site. In the absence of our hosted page, direct requires a higher level of Payment Card Industry compliance and an SSL certificate. If you are interested in learning more about direct code packs, please contact our support team.

Is the online payment gateway secure?

Yes. All gateway transactions are processed by our secure servers, which never store customers’ card details. Moreover your MMS lets you keep track of all transactions, including those denied, to help you manage customer queries about their payments. At Paymentsense, the security of your customers is and will always be a top priority.

Why should I choose the Paymentsense gateway?

Our seamless and secure payment gateway has a number of advantages over other providers, but rather than tell you ourselves, we thought we would let our customers do the talking.

“When shopping for an eCommerce gateway for my online shop I knew what I needed to look for. As a business we had been taking card payments for years, but I was shopping around for a provider who could cater to the ever-growing demand of our online business. Ultimately, I needed a service that was quick and easy to set up, competitively priced with someone I could actually speak with if there were any issues during the integration. I found that Paymentsense covered everything I was looking for, with reasonable in pricing and a simple setup and integration process. They also have great customer service and tech support. The package we have with Paymentsense enabled us to take a variety of card payments online and we always have a very clear monthly statement. We’ve found the online payment gateway so easy to set up, it has changed the way we conduct business.”