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Business insight in the palm of your hand

All the information you need to run a better business delivered to your inbox every week.


The simple way to measure success

Performance Reports make it easy to track your business growth.

Receive weekly reports
by email

Every week you’ll get an automatic email containing all your vital card payment information.

See exactly how much
you’re making

Tracking weekly spend on card payments gives you a clear indication of how you’re performing.

Make smarter
business decisions

Use the insight in your reports to help you make better, more informed business decisions.

Access your figures anywhere

Reports work on any device so you always have access to your vital information.

Your Performance Report explained

Find out how you can use your report to help your business grow.

See your total revenue

Your total weekly sales figure is a good gauge of how your business is performing. It also points out seasonal trends and sales spikes.

Monitor average spend

Use this information to track customer spending habits and measure the impact of special offers or price changes.

Track total refunds

By monitoring your weekly refund volumes, you can identify any faulty products in your range or discover where a staff member has mis-sold an item.

View total transactions

Keep track of when your customers are more likely to spend on card than cash using this information.

Record highest transaction

Each week your highest transaction is recorded. This can be useful for rewarding staff or flagging fraudulent transactions.

New customer count

Tracking how many new customers you get each week tells you how well your marketing and promotions are working.


Q: How do I get Performance Reports?

A: Performance Reports are an additional service available to any new or existing card machine or online payment customers. New customers can set up reports when they join, existing customers can add the service to their account by contacting their account manager.

Q: When do I receive my first report?

A: Your first report will be sent to you one week after your first card payment transaction is made. Reports are delivered every Tuesday at around 9am.

Q: What does the report contain?

A: Each report contains your weekly credit and debit card payment data rounded to the nearest pence.

Q: Where can I view my report?

A: Your reports are delivered by email every week to the address we have for you on file. You can view it on any computer, smartphone or tablet using any internet browser.

Q: How do reports work?

A: By using data from your merchant account, we can provide you with an accurate weekly snapshot of your credit and debit card payments.

Q: Can I get reports for more than one business?

A: We can set up reports for multiple business premises so that you can track your card payments from different locations.

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